Living along with pets, you understand the level of damage they could do into your furniture. Paws, teeth and fur could all cause damage to your sofas, armchairs as well as ottomans. Thus, it’s vital that you are aware of the many pet-friendly upholstery fabrics on the market so you don’t spend your time and cash reupholstering furniture which won’t manage to withstand your pet’s paws and claws. Although no fabric is 100% pet-proof, particular sorts of fibers and fabric choices are more sturdy compared to others. On this blog, we’ll go over the top pet-friendly fabrics for your living room.

General Tips

Even though training your pet to conduct themselves (and not to leap up on or scratch the couch), the very best protection from furniture wear is pet-friendly upholstery fabrics. Opt for a fabric having a tight weave and something which is clear of complicated textures.

Stay away from light colors – even when you’ve got a well-trained and well-behaved pet – and rather pick charcoal grey, brown, or camel-colored sofas which conceal fur and match the color schemes of almost all rooms. Pick a fabric designed for heavy usage and think about stain-resistant fabric or those designed for outdoor and indoor use, such as Sunbrella.


Without doubt, leather is among the finest couch coverings for pet lovers. The truth is, this long-lasting natural fabric really gets better with time and heavy use. Leather is not hard to maintain, is available in a lot of colors, and is offered at various prices. But above all, leather can withstand pets.

Water and dirt can be simply taken away and pet hair wipes quickly and doesn’t stick to the sleek leather surface. It will be possible for your cat to poke holes on your leather sofa when he utilizes it as being a scratching post, however common scratches are likely to boost the weathered feel and look of the living room’s centerpiece. The majority of leather couches can be simply cleaned out with sudsy water, however for severe stains, you need to contact a cleaning professional.


Microfiber, a synthetic fabric, offers another excellent option for pet owners. This appears a little bit like suede, is easy to maintain and keep clean, and also wears properly. Microfiber is a lot more affordable compared to leather and also are available in a lot of colors to match the majority of decor preferences. Without any loops on the fabric, microfiber is practically resistant from claw marks, as claws don’t catch in the weave. Pet hair will go virtually undetected, that is excellent in case your pet is really a long-haired breed.

Stains are super easy to clean off microfiber sofas – simply blot the stain using a clean towel and after that finish it off using a little bit of water and soap. However look into the manufacturer’s instructions first and foremost. An important feature about microfiber is the texture it exhibits having an easy brush of the hand. Brush it only one way to get a lighter hue and after that, should a stain occur, a more dark tone can be performed by running your hand over the fabric on the other direction.

Some Other Considerations

For pet owners, a patterned fabric might be much better compared to a solid color, simply because pet hair and stains can become a lot less visible. And dog owners must purchase an appropriate cotton throw which covers the whole couch (it doesn’t matter what fabric you select). Then, pull it off to show the couch beneath, the moment your puppy has matured.

In terms of what to avoid: Stay away from virtually any fabric which is nubby, this fabric is tempting for cats to scratch. Additionally, fragile fabrics – just like silk, wool, or linen, must be avoided completely or utilized only in places where your pet isn’t allowed.